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Quotes from The Confidence-Man

“In company, she had a strange way of touching, as by accident, the arm or hand of comely young men, and seemed to reap a secret delight from it, but whether from the humane satisfaction of having given the evil-touch, as it is called, or whether it was something else in her, not equally wonderful, but quite as deplorable, remained an enigma.”

    “Ah,” he cried, pushing his glass from him, “Ah, wine is good, and confidence is good; but can wine or confidence percolate down through all the stony strata of hard considerations, and drop warmly, ruddily into the cold cave of truth? Truth will not be comforted.  Led by dear charity, lured by sweet hope, fond fancy essays this feat; but in vain; mere dreams and ideals, they explode in your hand, leaving naught by the scorching behind!”
    “Why, why, why!” in amaze, at the burst; “bless me, if In vino veritas be a true saying, then, for all the fine confidence you professed with me, just now, distrust, deep distrust, underlies it; and ten thousand strong, like the Irish Rebellion, breaks out in you now. That wine, good wine, should do it! Upon my soul,” half seriously, half humorously, securing the bottle, “you shall drink no more of it.  Wine was meant to gladden the heart, not grieve it; to heighten confidence, not depress it.”

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Quote from Sunnyside by Glen David Gold

“Film had come to Hollywood because of the light, the 350 days of good weather a year, and as the films were released around the world, they proved how beautiful Hollywood was.  And so the land was vanishing as quickly as they could film it.  The landlocked poet in Collins, Illinois, and the frustrated beauty of Teaneck, New Jersey, saw where they could live in tune with what they had always wanted to be.  It was obvious, upon seeing the beaches and hills and palms, that your current self was just a stand-in for someone not yet arrived.  If only you could live in such a beautiful place, the rest would change.  People at their weakest, most trusting, and childlike moments believed there was out there for them somewhere a Sunnyside.  Which meant the place was eventually one hundred two-bedroom bungalows.  The mystery not yet solved was how to love a place when your mere presence destroyed it.”

– Glen David Gold, Sunnyside

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