The Attempters

“If Shawn Pfautsch were plying his trade in Los Angeles, premium cable drama shows would already be after him. To put it in Chicago terms, Pfautsch has the gifted writer’s relish for the wondrous, incongruous interplay of sounds and words that merits a trip to the theater. To put it in Hollywood terms, Pfautsch’s style lands somewhere between HBO’s David Milch and the Oscar-winning Diablo Cody.”
                                           –The Chicago Tribune

The Play:


Danny Hackles has received a revelation: that he is destined for fame.


Eight characters; 4 men, 4 women.  Optional choral roles for 4-6 of either gender.


Two acts, with three original rock songs by Andy Wagner and Shawn Pfautsch.  Approxomately 2 hr. run time. 

Writer’s Notes:


Further Reading/Watching:

Fame Junkies by Jake Halprin
His and Her Circumstances

10 page sample

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