551-8756: A Tale of Confidence

““Ah, wine is good, and confidence is good; but can wine or confidence percolate down through all the stony strata of hard considerations, and drop warmly, ruddily into the cold cave of truth? Truth will not be comforted.  Led by dear charity, lured by sweet hope, fond fancy essays this feat; but in vain; mere dreams and ideals, they explode in your hand, leaving naught by the scorching behind!”
   — Herman Melville, The Confidence-Man

The Play:


Stephen teaches Jesse the finer points of confidence and picking up women at bars.


Two characters; 2 men.


 Approxomately 10 min. run time. 

Writer’s Notes:

Commissioned in 2009 by Mind the Gap Productions. 


2010 Mind the Gap Productions: Directed by Paul Kastner

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